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Say Hello to Hospice Care

Say Hello to Hospice Care

The power of support, sensitivity and exceptional service

Time stops for no-one. As the year unfolds, many family members will continue to juggle a diversity of caring roles while experiencing less time, more pressure and increasing demands.

It has been reported that by 2030, the number of people over the age of 65 in the United States will rise to 74 million and the number of people over 85 who require care the most – is increasing even faster (Reuters, 2021).

Against this very backdrop, the benefits of hospice care shine through. It’s an opportunity for family caregivers to be bolstered by a holistic approach to care, one action at a time.

If we explore the demographic of those over the age of 65 further, it has been reported that as this section expands, it’s likely that it will be accompanied by a growth in the request for industry services (IBISWorld, 2020).


What does this mean for hospice and palliative care?

It’s a chance to put key patient and family benefits under the spotlight. Here are three, to keep top of mind:


#1 Support end-to-end

A hospice approach is all about creating a structure of complete support and care for patients – day or night. It’s a focus on ensuring that the care provided – often in the patient’s own home – is tailored and flexible. With a 24/7 mindset, hospice staff play an incredibly valuable role in creating comfort, care and coaching to family members.


#2 Sensitivity at every interaction

An interdisciplinary hospice team is at the heart of pain management, along with helping to assist with a patient’s emotional, psychosocial and spiritual aspects of dying. This means that a laser focused approach in articulating words, messages and guidance is adopted – creating an environment where sensitivity is always front and center.


#3 Services fueled by quality, excellence and impact

The pandemic continues to be part of the health and hospice care landscape. It has been previously reported “how COVID-19 is straining hospice care”, with insights amplifying the diversity of challenges experienced (PBS News Hour, 2020).

In facing any evolving difficulties, hospice care continues to triumph by turning isolation into collaboration. Working with patients to deliver quality services – and being there, every step of the way.


What’s your story?  

At White Orchid Hospice, we know the power of storytelling. With our “Caring for Life” approach, every single one of or patients has their own unique, creative and tremendous story to tell. That’s why we listen, carefully – ensuring that our hospice is aligned to the needs of our people and patients.

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